CM-LTD’s services include but are not limited to:


Crisis Management Ltd is a leading provider of strategic consultancy, training and mentoring across a wide range of topics on a local, national and international basis. We can provide

  • Provision of consultants in targeted countries
  • Understanding of the need for client confidentiality
  • Exclusive access to renowned experts in their specific topic areas
  • Consultants fluent in a variety of languages

Risk Management

Our team of experts specialise in Risk Management for all sectors and geographic locations. We can develop Risk and Threat Assessments and provide high level reports, as well as delivering fully operational Risk Management strategies, polices, plans and registers.

Business Continuity/Recovery

In order to satisfy customer’s requirements, our experts can provide specialist services to ensure any organisation’s business is designed to continue no matter the challenges it faces. We can also deliver support for recovery plans to minimise the overall disruption to operations.

Crisis Communications

One of the biggest challenges during a crisis is the management of communication, both internally and externally. Our expert Consultants can support the delivery of Crisis Communications Strategies and Plans to support all sizes of organisations.


Our international experience can provide support for any entity looking to improve security. This can apply in post-conflict areas, developing nations or in areas with well established existing infrastructure. We can provide quality assurance of ongoing projects and supply a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ oversight.

Law Enforcement

Our Consultants can provide advice and training across all areas of law enforcement, from operational policing matters to strategic police reform. We have extensive experience internationally working with Governments and Police Forces.


Our Jewel in the Crown publication, the internationally renowned Crisis Response Journal, demonstrates our ability to get important topics distributed to key audiences. Our experience includes printed matter as well as all elements of social media.

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