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Dr Albrecht Beck

Dr. Albrecht Beck has long standing experience in leading positions in international disaster management. He is a United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) Team member and has held the position as Global Mass Evacuation Coordinator at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) until recently. Prior to this post, he was active as a Disaster Preparedness Expert for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA). Albrecht is an expert in the field of Mass Evacuations, Community Preparedness and Disaster Risk Management in general. In addition, he focuses on disaster risk diplomacy where he has gathered extensive knowledge and experience, for instance as the founder and project manager of the Jordan-Israel-Palestine Preparedness Project. He holds a professorship at the University of Murcia, Spain, and is a guest lecturer at the United Nations University.

Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon

Brian Dillon MSc BSc (Hons) FSyI FICPEM

Following a career in British and international law enforcement, Brian Dillon is now a consultant specialising in crisis management and contingency planning. At New Scotland Yard, UK, he was the operational head of the Specialist Firearms Command and led a national counter-terrorism intervention capability and London’s armed response police. This included developing strategies to deal with armed attacks including multi-agency interoperability and developing strategic resilience.

Brian has worked extensively in Europe as the United Kingdom’s commander on the European ATLAS counter-terrorism intervention network. He has a comprehensive understanding of government level crisis response and recovery procedures; this included the design and delivery of Britain’s largest National Counter-Terrorism Exercise, Strong Tower.

As a senior investigator Brian worked in intelligence and anti-corruption. He has designed systems to prevent misconduct and safeguarded organisations during times of crisis.

Brian is a frequent speaker and writer on security issues and edits the Crisis Response Journal blog on crisis management.

Arnold Howitt

Arnold Howitt

Arnold M Howitt is Executive Director of the Ash Centre for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA.

Dr Howitt is also Faculty Co-Director of the Programme on Crisis Leadership, which conducts research, executive education programs, and action projects. He has worked extensively on emergency preparedness and crisis management issues in the US and abroad. He has also recently advised the City of Los Angeles on disaster recovery and served as an adviser and trainer-of-trainers for China’s new National Institute of Emergency Management. Among other writing, Dr Howitt is co-author/editor of Managing Crises: Responding to Large-Scale Emergencies (2009) and Countering Terrorism: Dimensions of Preparedness (2003).

A Harvard faculty member and administrator since 1976, Dr Howitt received his BA degree from Columbia University and MA and PhD degrees in political science from Harvard University.

Lina Kolesnikova

Lina Kolesnikova

Consultant in International Relations, Security, Risk and Crisis Management, Brussels.
Lina Kolesnikova is a specialist in consultancy, training and research, especially in the fields of: Risk, crisis and disaster management tactical, operational and strategic level); homeland security; CBRNE; OSINT.

She is an Associate of CS&A (International Risk and Crisis Management) and Rossnova Solutions; a Senior Analyst at G3 Geopolitical Intelligence Team; a Fellow at the Institute of Civil Protection and Management; Rep to EU institutions; an OSCE ODIHR Democratisation Expert; a Council Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Security Experts Council; and an Expert for the European Forum for Urban Safety in France.

Lina holds an MSc Degree in Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management from Leicester University, UK; an MA in History (Novosibirsk State University, Russia, 1996); and post graduate qualifications in International and European Relations (Amsterdam School of International Relations, the Netherlands, 2000), Communication and Languages as Strategic Skills (CLASS) (ErasmusHogeschool, Belgium, 2005), Logistics Management (American Military University, 2011), and is working on further qualifications in Terrorism Studies (American Military University, completion anticpated 2018).

She has taken part in numerous UNITAR courses, including: Peacekeeping and International Conflict Resolution; Global Terrorism; International Humanitarian Law; Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution; and Negotiation of Financial Transactions. Furthermore, she has studied courses at the Inter-American Defence College (Introduction to Conflict Resolution and International Negotiations; Inter-agency Process in Crisis Management; and Introduction to Inter-American System), and holds certificates in decontamination processes from the US Homeland Security Institute.

Other areas in which Lina has studied include: Crisis Negotiations for First Responders; Corporate Emergency Crisis Management; The psychology of Criminal Justice; and the Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster.

Lina is a regular presenter and chair at high-level conferences around the world, including on mass hostage takings, terrorism response and negotiations, assisting the victims of large-scale terrorist attacks, community resilience, critical infrastructure, leadership challenges, soft targets, European emergency response, international co-operation and crisis management.

Lina is a Crisis Response Journal blog Editor, focussing on security issues.

Ian Portelli

Ian Portelli

Ian Portelli BCDM PhD MSc PNP is AVP of Operations and Medical Research for Health Quest Systems Inc; Director for Trauma at Vassar Brothers Medical Center; and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at New York University’s School of Medicine. Ian holds a PhD in Research & Statistics from New York University, is Board Certified in Disaster Medicine and is currently a fellow of Medical Informatics. Ian has a Masters (Hons) in Biogenetic Sciences from the University of Manchester, UK, and a PNP specialisation in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. Ian holds a Bachelors (Hons) Degree in Science from the University of Malta, Malta joint Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; and SRN licensure. For the past 15 years, Ian has held clinical, academic, non-profit and government positions leading to his diverse experience in healthcare and research management.

Ian served with a Medical Company, UN Ops & MSF in conflict stricken countries. In the UK he focused on Haematology Oncology pharmacogenomics treatment in Paediatrics. In 2002 Ian joined NYU at the Center for Catastrophe Preparedness and Response, where he directed the Department of Homeland Security multidisciplinary and multisite research efforts until 2007, when he was appointed Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine at NYU School of Medicine and Director of Research for Emergency Medicine.

Ian has critical experience as a leader, director and investigator and secured funding across federal agencies and foundation organisations, varying from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, AHRQ, HHS, Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Ian also supported foundation and philanthropic research efforts leading to development of multiple scholarly tracks for residents, fellows and faculty while establishing understanding of CQI metrics related to Quality, Risk and Safety.

Ian currently holds multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals, disaster medicine awards, presents at numerous Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine conferences. He also holds multiple international and national advisory board roles from NYC DOH, to CDC, and other EU based organisations. Ian is also the Chief Scientific Editor for the Crisis Response Journal.

Alois Hirschmugl

Alois Hirschmugl

Brigadier General, Austrian Armed Forces (AAF); Trainer and expert 

Alois A Hirschmugl, Brigadier General, Legal Advisor, Austrian Armed Forces (AAF); Trainer and expert for disaster management.
Dr Hirschmugl was with the Austrian Armed forces for more than 35 years. Since 1999, he has been a member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Co-ordination (UNDAC) team, and a Civil Protection Expert for the European Commission since 2006. Besides his peacekeeping tour to Cyprus (1986), he participated in numerous UN and EU missions, e.g. the flood disaster of Mozambique – twice (2000), Bangladesh (2004) and Pakistan (2010), the earthquakes disaster of Algeria (2003), Iran (2004) and Indonesia (2006), the Southeast Asian tsunami (2005), an explosion of an ammunition depot in Albania (2008) as well as the explosion on a naval power base in Cyprus, which destroyed a power plant in Cyprus (2011) and a UNDAC Disaster Response Preparedness mission to the occupied Territories of Palestine (2014).

He is and has been involved in several EU Civil Protection projects such as European Technical Assistance Co-operation (EUTAC), European Emergency Temporary Shelter (EURETS), European Aerial Medical Evacuation Team (EURAMET) as well as partner of FP7 Space Project GEO-PICTURES (GMES and Earth Observation combined with Position based Image and sensor Communications Technology for Universal Rescue, Emergency and Surveillance), subcontractor in BEATLES (BGAN Enhanced Alphasat Technology and L-band Extended Spectrum) and VISEO-FUSION (Video/Image/Sensor/EO – FUSION) and at the moment partner in FP7 Security Project SPARTACUS (Satellite Based Asset Tracking for Supporting Emergency Management in Crisis Operations). Under the presidency of the former USG, Mr Kofi A Annan, he also was a foundation board member of the Global Humanitarian Forum and mainly involved in Civil Military Co-operation.

He holds a Master and Doctorate degree in Law and published a handbook on the legal aspects for peace support operations, humanitarian and disaster management operations.

Roger Gomm QPM

Roger Gomm QPM

Roger retired from the Metropolitan Police Service having successfully completed a thirty-four-year career in 2012. He has a unique background in operational command having been pivotal in all major events in London for over 14 years. Accustomed to working at executive and tactical levels, he is well practiced in managing complex threats to people, property, places and reputation; achieving business continuity and managing specialist teams with national and international responsibilities. He developed command centre processes and training programmes to prepare individuals and teams to command major events, including the 2012 London Olympics. He designed and successfully delivered leadership, incident management training and exercises to a variety of audiences in the UK and abroad. His professional and personal commitment was recognised by Her Majesty in 2007 when he was awarded the Queens Police Medal for distinguished Service.

Roger is now working as an Advisor, Trainer or Consultant and his portfolio includes; Associate Lecturer, Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College;Associate Tutor, College of Policing; Visiting Lecturer at Portsmouth, St Andrews, Bournemouth, Christ Church and Huddersfield Universities; Advisor to GLA / London Resilience Team as part of the Academic and Operational Reference Group; Editorial Panel Member and occasional writer for Crisis Response Journal; and a number of crisis management and security projects with corporates. He also worked as an Advisor to the Qatar National Security and Resilience Programme as part of security planning for 2022 FIFA World Cup for 18 months.

Roger is a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management (FICPEM), Fellow of the Security Institute (FSyI), Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI) and Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (FInstLM). He has a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS), Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status (QTLS) and a Member of the Society for Education and Training (MSET)

Andrew B Brown

Andrew B Brown

Chief Inspector (retd.) Andrew B Brown is an internationally renowned negotiator with specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with kidnap for ransom and hostage/crisis incidents, particularly in maritime environments; in designing conflict de-escalation skills for military operations and acting as an expert witness to judicial inquiries on the response to hostage taking, specifically the Lindt Cafésiege, Sydney, Australia.

Fellow of the Chartered Management and Security Institutes, he has developed advanced negotiation and crisis leadership skills for major corporations, public policy and world class sports coaches. An executive coach, he guides people though crisis to better their lives, both professionally and personally.

His doctoral studies and experience in Afghan kidnappings have led him to research, critique and advise International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) how to prepare, prevent and respond to the threat of international kidnap. He advises the Jesuit Refugee Service, Vatican State on their overseas humanitarian missions to help those in need.

A Fulbright Alumnus, he has taught advanced tactics to many law enforcement agencies including NYPD, USMS and the FBI where he advised and critiqued their response to a national maritime terrorist exercise. Published in Modern Piracy & Maritime Terrorism: The Challenges of Piracy for the 21st Century and contributed a chapter to the 5th Edition Crisis Negotiations: Managing Critical Incidents and Hostage Situations in Law Enforcement & Corrections, he remains an Advisor to the Editorial Boards of the Criminal Psychology & Criminal Investigations, the Forensic Research & Criminology International and the Crisis Response Journals.


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